Collected Shadows: The Archive of Modern Conflict


03 Feb - 08 Apr

This exhibition of 200 photographs is drawn from the extensive collection of the Archive of Modern Conflict. The AMC was first established 25 years ago as a repository for vernacular photography and ephemera relating to the First and Second World Wars. It has since grown to a total of eight million images encompassing a plethora of subject matter – not solely defined by war and conflict – collected from diverse sources all over the world.

Curated by AMC Director, Timonthy Prus, Collected Shadows offers a glimpse into these extraordinary holdings. This eclectic display includes scientific, astronomical and botanical studies, studio sittings, portraits and private snapshots, press photographs, film stills and aerial photographs from several wars, as well as a rich and unpredictable array of works we simply have to call art.


23 Cockburn Street

Maxwell R. Hayes
Maxwell R. Hayes, Duk-Duk Members, 1964. © Maxwell R. Hayes. Courtesy Archive of Modern Conflict, London