Nina Bacos; John Farrell; Melanie Letore

Milk Cafe, Glasgow

17 Sep - 13 Oct

TalkSeePhotography & Milk Diaries Presents IMPROMPTU

Artists Nina Bacos, John Farrell and Melanie Letore come together for an exhibition that was not supposed to happen.

After a slight stumble in the delivery of its program, Milk Diaries has accommodated an incongruous yet delightful exhibition of its mentors.

With a few hours to spare, Bacos, Farrell and Letore physically carried work to Milk Café that was available and presentable – works made as part of wider projects; works that had gathered dust in cupboards and on shelves; works hadn’t been looked at for months or years. Because of the lack of a curator or pre-determined concept, the installation of IMPROMPTU became a purely visual exercise. The artists looked at shapes, colours and subject matter, and asked the most simple question of all: what can I see?


Milk Cafe
425 Victoria Road
G42 8YU