Photography Scotland

Photography Scotland is an association between Street Level Photoworks, Glasgow, Stills, Edinburgh, The National Galleries of Scotland, The University of St Andrews, The University of Glasgow, Culture Perth & Kinross, and National Trust for Scotland,

We aim to enable awareness of and engagement with Scotland’s photography, both nationally and internationally, and to promote collaboration amongst member bodies. The Season is the first public outcome of this.

Photography Scotland is funded through the generosity of its membership partners and gifts-in-kind.

Centres of Excellence

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Photography Scotland is a consortium that was established in 2012. The first Season of Photography in Scotland took place from April - September 2015.

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Season of Photography

The 2019 Season of Photography is the fifth annual event to highlight, celebrate and promote photography exhibitions and events taking place at multiple venues throughout Scotland. The 2019 Season runs from 1st September to 30th November 2019.

Illuminating the wealth of activity around photography in Scotland, the Season encompasses exhibitions at the main photography centres, as well as regional museums, galleries and venues geographically spread. A unique feature is the variety of self-organised independent events, artists’ platforms, and festivals occurring under this all-embracing initiative. The quantity and range of activities has multiplied since last year’s Season, illustrating the popularity and ubiquity of the medium.

The timeframe is inclusive - it embraces programmes that have been specifically coordinated for the Season as well as those which coincide or overlap with the period. From the historical innovations of the 1840s to the digital explorations of 2019, The Season offers something for everyone and tells multiple stories about the diverse ways in which photography is used as a creative tool.

Exhibitions and events included in this listing were submitted following a wide and open call. We have attempted to ensure that individual projects retain their own identity – The Season is a platform for sharing, connecting, and enlarging audiences.