Jill Todd Photography Award 2016


05 Nov - 22 Jan

The Jill Todd Photographic Award is an annual award promoting early career in photography, and is open to all photography graduates in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland. The Award takes the form of a competition, with applicants being asked to submit a body of work of between 5 and 12 images for consideration. Three winning and a selection of commended entrants have been selected to showcase their work in Stills’ gallery.

The winners of the 2016 Award are, in alphabetical order: Linda Conroy, Mads Holm, Emma Levy.

Highly Commended: Calum Douglas, Nadia Gabriel, Mat Hay, Kotryna Ula Kiliulyte, Arthur Montgomery, Sam Wood.

Presented in partnership with Detail Framing Studio, Edinburgh and A&M Imaging, Edinburgh.


23 Cockburn Street
0131 622 6200

Jo Spence, Photo Therapy
© Jill Quigley from the series 'Rural Fluorescent'