Girls & Their Mothers

Kim Simpson

Eastwood Park Theatre and Gallery;
Barrhead Health & Care Centre

03 Oct - 27 Oct

‘Girls and their Mothers’ looks at the complex identify of multiracial individuals, a visually underrepresented group in Scotland. Instead of questioning their ancestry or scrutinizing their appearance, Kim chose to photograph girls and women of mixed heritage and their mothers with an intent on questioning social perception. The images display their relationships, linking these girls and their mothers together while at the same time respecting their disparity.

This project is a partnership between Street Level, East Kilbride Arts Centre and South Lanarkshire Leisure and Culture. With thanks to supporters Threads of Sound and Deadly Digital



Barrhead Health & Care Centre
213 Main Street
Glasgow, G78 1SL

Eastwood Park Theatre & Gallery
Eastwood Park
Rouken Glen Rd
Giffnock, G46 6UG

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