Opposite Tendencies

Mads Holm; Scott Caruth; Alice Myers

16 Nicholson Street, Glasgow

08 Oct - 06 Nov

Isabella Shields and Tine Bek invite you to the first exhibition in their relaunch of 16 Nicholson Street as an arts collective and gallery

16 Nicholson Street presents a group exhibition of photography and video works by Mads Holm, Scott Caruth and Alice Myers exploring the themes of urban and personal space. The exhibition will be accompanied by a series of events and a text by Adam Benmakhlouf.

"We might say that throughout the centuries two opposite tendencies have competed in literature: one tries to make language into a weightless element that hovers above things like a cloud or better, perhaps, the finest dust or, better still, a field of magnetic impulses. The other tries to give language the weight, density, and concreteness of things, bodies, and sensations.” - Italo Calvino, Lightness

8th October: Preview from 6-9pm
11th October 7.30pm: Italo Calvino Reading Event with Alice Myers
21st October 7pm: Screening of Los Angeles Plays Itself with open discussion led by Scott Caruth


16 Nicholson Street
G5 9ER

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