Roma / Noailles

Yohanne Lamoulere; Franck Pourcel

Alliance Française de Glasgow

02 Sep - 29 Oct

Yohanne Lamoulere – ‘Roma: Marseille ajar city’

Lamoulere's series arose from several months work in a temporary community that Roma have built north of Marseille. It is a precarious refuge with no sanitation – eviction prowls and the prospect of violence is a constant in their everyday lives. Despite this, they eat, work, and educate their children to the best of their means

Yohanne Lamoulere is represented by the agency Picturetank and the collective Transit.

Franck Pourcel – ‘Noailles at the time of rehabilitation’

In the heart of the first district of Marseille, the Noailles district is an area of contradiction – a space undergoing development, it also houses migrants and temporary workers with poor housing. Pourcel's photographic series aims to show the diversity of people and their homes as well as decipher the strategies that each - whether personal, family or community-based - shape their living in the neighbourhood.

Franck Pourcel is a creative member of the association Anthropological Eye and a member of the studio Hans Lucas.

This is a Street Level Photoworks off-site exhibition curated to coincide with the Season of Photography 2016. It corresponds with exhibitions at Trongate 103/Institut Français showing a different series of works by both Lamoulere and Pourcel.


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