False Towns / At Twilight

Yohanne Lamoulere; Franck Pourcel

Trongate 103 / Institut Francais, Edinburgh

01 Sep - 25 Sep / 07 Oct - 26 Nov

The striking documentary work of ‘False Towns by Lamoulere was carried out in the 15th and 16th districts of Marseille, the most northern neighbourhoods of this vast city. Taking us on something of a tour of the other side of the city, the work speculates on the relationship between memory and sense of place, whilst also questioning the planning and remodeling of the contemporary city.

Pourcel’s ‘At Twilight' captures a city at the threshold of modernity, caught between demolition and major construction. In this city that changes and slips away before them, children and adolescents are adrift in a place of perpetual twilight. The photographer uses both colour and black and white to express his unease against the growing isolation of these young people, urging an awareness of the circumstances in compelling visual images that are individually strong and collectively compelling.

Yohanne Lamoulere is a prolific young photographer, a member of the agency Picturetank and the collective Transit. Franck Pourcel is a creative member of the association Anthropological Eye and a member of the studio Hans Lucas.

This is a Street Level Photoworks off-site exhibition curated to coincide with the Season of Photography 2016. After the exhibition at Trongate 103, a reconfigured version of the exhibition will be shown at the Institut Francais. There will be another series of works by both Lamoulere & Pourcel shown at Alliance Française de Glasgow.


Trongate 103
G1 5HD

Institut Francais
13 Randolph Crescent

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