A Ribbon in Space

Liam Leslie

The Lighthouse

28 Sep - 30 Nov

‘Like a ribbon in space’ is how Jonathan Glancey quoted Zaha Hadid’s own description of the curves and planes of MAXXI, the art and architecture museum she designed for the Flaminio district in Rome.

Liam Leslie’s sensitive eye presents a building that houses art, as art rather than architecture. Concrete becomes abstract, earthly becomes ethereal, and all sense of scale disappears; these photographs recall the radical compositions of Hadid’s hero from the world of 20th century art, Kazimir Malevich.

Where many have designed object buildings, few have created inhabited sculpture; only faint architectural features and the occasional cloud belie what is truly represented in voids of black and white..


The Lighthouse
11 Mitchell Lane
G1 3NU

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Liam Leslie
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