TSP Incubator Series: Crimea Revisited

Rowan Markson & Alex Hetherington

CCA, Glasgow

13 Nov, 7pm

Crimea Revisited: A History of Information Wars

TalkSeePhotography’s Incubator series is a public platform where emerging writers and makers of photography can present their ideas alongside a nominated responder within their chosen field. Following an open call in the summer we are pleased to present the first in our 2017/18 series of Incubator events with a presentation by Rowan Markson and he will be joined by artist/curator Alex Hetherington who will respond to the presentation and chair the following discussion.

For this project Markson was granted funding from the Arts Council to revisit the site of Roger Fenton’s photographs The Valley of the Shadow of Death from the Crimean War 1853 - 56. The research takes a point of departure in the question around the truth value in the photograph and situates the Crimean War as the start of the ‘War of Information’. To further explore this Markson will use a visual timeline to narrate how visiting artists before and after the war have shaped the contemporary views of the area.

This event is scheduled to coincide with the ‘Roger Fenton - Shadows of War’ exhibition at the Queens Gallery, Royal Collections in Edinburgh. 4th August - 26th November, 2017.


CCA (Centre for Conetmporary Arts)
350 Sauchiehall St
G2 3JD

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Roger Fenton
Valley of the Shadow of Death, Roger Fenton.