Ghosting The Castle

Nicky Bird

Timespan, Sutherland

15 Sep - 16 Sep

Ghosting the Castle is a project by the artist Nicky Bird produced in collaboration with Timespan. It focuses on the layered histories and issues related to Helmsdale’s medieval castle and the A9 bridge which replaced it, explored collaboratively through Timespan’s Archive collection and beyond.

Following a number of research visits throughout 2017, the project culminates over a weekend in September with the site-specific viewfinders and the launch of a new print edition that brings together past and present, memory, art, and archive, building a multi-layered and multi-voiced understanding of the site.

This event is supported by Creative Scotland.


Dunrobin Street

Nicky Bird
Ghosting the Castle, Nicky Bird, 2017. With photograph by John Polson, late 1960s. Courtesy of Margaret Ross Polson and Timespan.