In This Place

Margaret Mitchell

Lillie Art Gallery

07 Oct - 02 Nov

Originally shown at Street Level as part of Ambit: Photographies from Scotland, this expanded version of In This Place looks at family and home, connections and place, touching on issues of social and personal inertia within our environment. Firecracker said of the work: ‘It’s a fascinating and moving personal study but also provides a broader comment about Scotland’s economy and social mobility. Margaret’s photographs present the relatable qualities found in most families - tenderness, dysfunction, survival and love, but also provide a backdrop to Scotland and its current economic structure.’

This is a Street Level Photoworks off-site exhibition. Talk: Sat 28th Oct, 2pm. Lillie Art Gallery.


Lillie Art Gallery
Station Rd
G62 8BZ

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Margaret Mitchell
Leah on her Primary 7 Prom Night, © Margaret Mitchell