Photography Lecture Series: Scott Caruth

Edibnurgh Napier University

24 Oct, 5.30pm

Scott Caruth’s practice ongoing project ‘Molatham’ revolves around his attempt to archive the practice of studio portraiture photography in Palestine. The project takes it’s title from the arabic expression ‘Molatham’ which translates literally as ‘to cover up ones face’ but is used vernacularly in Palestine to describe those resisting the Israeli occupation, illustrating the importance for those doing so to remain anonymous before the lens.

His process has consisted of seeking out and working with studio photography practitioners in the West Bank to generate an archive of the medium. He then traces the use of the medium through political iconography, propaganda and it’s presence throughout the urban landscape of the West Bank.


Merchiston Room F12
Edinburgh Napier University

Merchiston Campus
10 Colinton Road
EH10 5DT

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Scott Caruth

Scott Caruth
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