Stephen Sutcliffe: Work from the Collection

Gallery of Modern Art (GoMA)

22 Sep - 21 Jan

Work from the Collection presents an exhibition by the Glasgow-based artist Stephen Sutcliffe. Glasgow Museums purchased five works by Sutcliffe for the City’s collection in 2013 but this is the first time the wall drawing, photograph and films will be exhibited. We are delighted that Sutcliffe has lent us two further works for inclusion in the show. Sutcliffe's work draws upon an extensive personal archive of broadcast material and printed ephemera that he has collected over a number of years. The appropriation and reimaging of original materials is present throughout Sutcliffe’s films, drawings and photographs.


Gallery of Modern Art (GoMA)
Royal Exchange Square
G1 3AH

Stephen Sutcliffe
No (after Steinberg), © Stephen Sutcliffe.