Blueprint II: Ponton to Klic to Photojournalism

Gallery 103

3 Sep – 27 Sep

Blueprint II, explores the processes which depended on Mungo Ponton’s 1839 discovery of the light sensitivity of chromate salts, including its use in Karl Klic’s photogravure and rotogravure.

The exhibition includes historical and contemporary images, created as gum prints, carbon prints and photogravures, together with reproductions of drawings by Ponton, and caricatures by Klic.

Rotogravure facilitated the reproduction of photographs for a mass audience, promoting the rise of photo-journalism, exemplified here in the displayed original magazines, which established rotogravure as the high quality printing process.

There will be an artists’ talk on the exhibition on 5 September.


Gallery 103
103 Trongate
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Blueprint II

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