Out of my Own Light

Louise Bichan

The Pier Arts Centre

25 Apr – 30 May

“I’m so darned restless and unhappy these days just can’t make a decision one way or another. If only I could get right away for a while I’m sure it would help. I’ll never get out of my own light while I continue here.” 2nd May 1950

In May 1950, aged 25 years, Margaret Tait set out alone, on a journey that took her from Orkney across the North Atlantic, then right across Canada. In 2013, also aged 25, I set out on my own journey: to retrace my grandmother’s steps and try to fill in the gaps in her story, created by the disappearance of one of her diaries. Distinctive observations and reflections of the country over several years by the photographer.


The Pier Arts Centre
Victoria Street
KW16 3AA

© Louise Bichan